Top 10 For Sale By Owner Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Bo & Nikki Cable
Published on June 27, 2017

Top 10 For Sale By Owner Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Selling your Home? Avoid these Common Top 10 For Sale By Owner Mistakes

Selling your Greenville County home is a very big decision. The home selling process has many twists and turns along the way. Moving is one of life’s biggest stressors. Avoid making these common For Sale By Owner mistakes.

Top 10 For Sale By Owner Mistakes.


#1 Failing to Properly Prepare Your Home For Sale

#2 Overpricing Your Home

#3 Negotiating With Emotions

#4 Leaving Money On The Table

#5 Not Know The Best and Latest Marketing Strategies

#6 Foreseeing Problems Before They Occur and Not Knowing How To Properly Resolve Them

#7 Not Know All The Legalities and Correct Processes

#8 Providing Too Much Information

#9 Not Being Responsive to Potential Buyers

#10 Alienating REALTORS®


When selling your home For Sale By Owner, there are many mistakes you can make, and there are many things that can go wrong. The number one way to avoid them is to hire a great REALTOR®.

Remember your big WHY… why you’re selling. Maybe you’re selling because of a new job or maybe you found the home of your dreams somewhere else. One important thing to remember is that the buyers and Real Estate Professionals are not your enemy. The goal is to make a win-win for everyone. I’m sure you want to be treated that way when you buy your next home.

By following a strategic and proven plan, Cable Realty Group can make the Greenville and Simpsonville home selling process much easier, with less stress.Real estate deals can fall apart and fall apart fast. You need someone on your side.

The National Association of REALTORS® did a survey and found that 89% of all for sale by owners end up selling with a REALTOR®. Sellers with a real estate agent earned an average of 13% more money than the For Sale By Owners who sold on their own. Choosing the right agent is very important. We are the right agents! Let us show you why.

Bo & Nikki Cable would love the opportunity to speak with you about getting your home SOLD Call us today for a free, no obligation, no hassle, no pressure consultation and let us show you how we get homes sold in an average of just 24 days.

Top 10 For Sale By Owner Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
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